Osmosis: The Molecular Theory

Thank you for signing in to DrOsmosis.com.   We will delay public posts for awhile as we attempt to resolve the large number of attacks to our blog page. 

This is not the first time I have developed Ideas that challenge the status quo.   I had an idea about the attacks I would get as I found out my ideas led to osmosis.    I had designed and installed controlled environment warehouses for DeKalb Genetics for several years.   My first warehouse met design conditions.   It may have been the first in the industry.    The next two were more difficult because an equipment supplier cut some corners as he built his heat exchangers equipment. 

I developed a digital control system for the next ones using vapor pressure as a dominant variable.   It simplified the programming.   It was also useful for modeling the behavior of a stored seed. 

After discovering that textbooks used osmosis for moisture transfer through a membrane, not vapor pressure, I studied osmosis.    I developed a plan to introduce my ideas with out the disasters that I had previously encountered.    My plan was not perfect. 

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