Scientific Method

A recent news article by Drs. Glazier and Ko from UCLA Health noted that a fecal transplant has been used to cure C diff.  With further reading, I learned that the process replaces diseased microbes with those from a healthy person.   This scientific method has been successful.  There are no known medicines for C diff.   The Scientific method names a problem, researches the problem and solutions, proposes a solution, then reports on the results of a test.    This has been the recognized solution method for complex problems since the 17th century.    It is based on an educated study of the problem and followed by a rational hypothesis and a test of this hypothesis.

The osmosis experiment has been a studied for many years.  After the initial shock that water flowed uphill into the wine, others found that sugar water produced the same behavior as wine and that osmotic pressure  increased with the concentration of sugar.   Van’t Hoff discovered that osmotic pressure (applied pressure required to stop the flow of water into the sugar water solution) was a valuable variable related to the behavior of solutions.   Others have shown that osmosis flow proceeds from a liquid with higher chemical potential (or concentration of water) to a lower liquid with a lower value.   These are all valid observations from the osmosis experiment, but they offer no insight to the physical process of osmosis.    

My molecular model for osmosis also matches all the experimental data.  Additionally, it defines a physical model for the osmosis process.    A physical model of osmosis yields improved means for understanding the osmosis processes in more than the osmosis experiment. 

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