Pressure Reduced Osmosis

Pressure Reduced Osmosis is being investigated as a green power source.   A prototype plant has been built in Norway.  We are still waiting for positive results.   

 The idea was introduced by RS Norman in 1974.  His concept is shown below. 

Basically,  Water flows through the membrane  into the column of salt water. If the height of the column is less than that required to develop osmostic pressure at the membrane.  The osmotic flow combined with the pump flow required to keep the column charged with salt water, is used to drive a turbine.    Excess Power from the turbine can be used.     The pump keeps the column charged with salt water and a flushing flow may be needed to keep the membrane from clogging.     The power output can be determined by modeling the system and its components.   

Currently, investigators are looking at improved membranes.  Our model for osmosis, “Osmosis: The molecular Theory”  will help those developing this new green energy system.   

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