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Hello, I am happy to be back.   And I would like to hear from you if you are reading this blog site.  Please leave a note in the comment section.    
My blog site was attacked several months ago.   It is now more secure, and I will continue to review published findings about osmosis and osmosis applications.    Part of the time was investing in authoring another paper....  “A Proposed New Molecular Model for Liquids and Solids”.    Realize that is a heavy title to be generated by a Mechanical Engineer.   But Please do not reject the idea till you read the paper which I will present in November 2021.
It has been an interesting journey.   I Wrote the theory of Osmosis back in 2000 and it has not received universal acceptance... acceptance is limited.     Several of my friends now believe and several have accepted the basic premise when they developed new water purification methods using forward osmosis, manipulated osmosis, and other new means to recover purified water from polluted water.  The 
The Theory is quite simple.   The driving force for osmosis is vapor pressure.   Vapor pressure in a liquid decreases if solute is added or if the temperature is lowered.    Vapor pressure increases if temperature is increased or if an external pressure is applied to a solution.   And note, we are discussing the vapor pressure of the solvent.   Of course, there are some major red flags with this approach to those of you who have studied osmosis and vapor pressure.  
Scientists have known about vapor pressure for many years.   The vapor formed above a liquid placed in an evacuated container   will fill the volume above the liquid and the pressure of that vapor is related to the liquid and to the temperature.     The question is how it became a vapor....  Did it come from high energy molecules that escaped from the surface of the liquid or did these molecules exist within the liquid.
We are all making our best guess about what is happening on a molecular level.  According to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principal, our observations will change any molecular activity that we try to see, so we must devise a macro level experiment then evaluate the results.  For vapor pressure, it is important that we understand what is happening at a molecular level.   We will look at this in more detail next month. 

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