Tag: Hybrid seed corn

Moist Air Properties

Heat and moisture enter the warehouse through the walls and with outside air, some heat and moisture may be exchanged with the seed when it is introduced to the warehouse.   An air cooler (refrigeration unit) is designed to remove heat and moisture to maintain the constant temperature relative humidity (rh) during the hot summer months.  ….  Read More

Vapor Pressure and Osmosis

HTMD Engineering was given the opportunity to design and build a cold storage facility for DeKalb Genetics for their hybrid seed corn.  The industry standard design conditions of 50°F and 50% relative humidity were selected, and we chose to insulate the facility with a closed cell spray on insulation which provided both good thermal insulation ….  Read More

HYBRID Seed Corn

HYBRID Seed Corn Hybrid seed corn has been specifically developed with special characteristics for: wet/dry growing seasons, soil types, plant strength, disease resistance, days to maturity, etc.    More than 100 varieties are available from major suppliers.    It is very expensive to produce hybrid seed corn.    Six rows of one variety of corn are planted between ….  Read More